TQJ-5557B-8-2 5.5GHz 8dBi Omni Wifi Antennas

  • Product Type: WLAN Wifi Antennas 5.1GHz,5.5GHz,5.8GHz
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Products Information

* Radome Material: fiber glass,it's surface was smooth cylinder, cross section is almost a complete circle, the macro point of view, surface smooth, beautiful. 
* Glass fiber's density is larger than other organic fibers, but lower than the average metal density, almost same as aluminum. Therefore, the aviation industry to replace glass fiber reinforced aluminum alloy becomes possible. This explains its durability and ability to adapt to the external environment is very strong.
1. Mounting Bracket: Make with Iron and have been good electroplated to protect it from oxidation.
2. Stainless Steel screws.strong bolts. It is strong and safty.
3. Easy installation.

Specifications of This Omni-directional Antennas
Model TQJ-5557B-8-2
Frequency Range 5470-5725MHz
Bandwidth 255MHz
Gain 8dBi
Horizontal Beamwidth 360°
Vertical Beamwidth 16°
VSWR ≤1.8
Impedance 50Ω                                     
Polarization Vertical
Maximum Power 50W
Connector N Female or Customization
Dimensions 20×330mm
Weight  0.2Kg
Mounting Pole
Mounting Mast Diameter N Female
Rated Wind Velocity 60m/s
Temperature Range      -40-+60℃
Reposition Temperature  -55~+70℃
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